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Itchyworms – Dalawang Letra

Itchyworms – Dalawang Letra

Words and Music by Davey Langit
First place – Himig Handog PPOP Love Songs 2016

English translation italicized.

Oo, Oo, Woah,
Oo, Woah.

Hindi ko malaman,
kung saan pupunta.
Ang tono nitong kanta,
pataas tumatalon talon.
‘Di maipaliwanag kung paano ba ang aking gagawin.

I don’t know
Where this is going
The tune of this guitar
is going down,
going up, and jumping around
Can’t explain what I should do.

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Thyro Alfaro, Yumi Lacsamana, Jeric Medina – Triangulo

Thyro Alfaro, Yumi Lacsamana, Jeric Medina – Triangulo

English translation italicized.

Ayoko nang magpatuloy pa
(Um kaduda-duda, um kaduda-kadua)
Kung sabay kaming dalawa
(Mag-isip ka, Mag-isip ka muna)
Kung babalik ka rin naman
Sa yong nakaraan
Ohh..Ano pang kalalagyan?

I don’t want to continue anymore
(It’s quite suspicious, quite suspicious)
If it’s both of us at the same time
(You need to think, think about it)
If you’re only going back
To your past
Ohh..where do I belong?

Kung isasantabi naman
(Itong ating pagsubok, Itong ating pagsubok)
Ika’y mapapagitnaan
(Ng tatlong gilid at sulok, Tatlong gilid at sulok)
Bali-baliktarin mo man
Puso’y masasaktan
Ohh…Kung pwede bang wag na lang

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From Rouge’s Facebook Profile:

ROUGE is a Pop Rock Band composed of all young, talented, fresh Filipina Beauties -KARA, PRINCESS, JERI & GYAN. They represent “GIRL POWER!” ROUGE is a group of young ladies who embody the beauty, brain, and the heart of being a musician.

These young ladies rock! To say the least, they sing, play instruments, and harmonize all at the same time! They show their versatility by incorporating light rock songs with classical violin lines to add to the unique musicality of the group. With every performance, they treat the audience with their undoubted charm and skill. The band is composed of four young women who display remarkable musical excellence in both playing their instruments and singing. Apart from the individual roles that they play in the band, these women are also quite accomplished as individuals.

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