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Sarah Geronimo

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Sarah Geronimo (Credits:

Sarah Geronimo (/əˈrɒnm/; born Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo; July 25, 1988) is a Filipino singer, actress and television personality. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Manila, Geronimo started a career in music after winning the television singing contest Star for a Night in 2003. She signed with music label Viva Records and rose to fame with the release of her first album Popstar: A Dream Come True (2003); it became a commercial success and won two Awit Awards. Geronimo’s music was for a time categorized as pop until the release of her tenth studio album Expressions (2013), when she diverted into R&B and dance. In 2013, her single “Ikot-Ikot” has won the Awit Award for Best R&B Recording. In 2015, Geronimo has won the Awit Award for Album of the Year for her eleventh studio record Perfectly Imperfect. In the 2014 report of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, she is the highest paid musician in the country. Called the Popstar Princess, her contributions to music, along with her film and television work, made her a local figure in popular culture of the 2000s to 2010s in thePhilippines.

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From Rouge’s Facebook Profile:

ROUGE is a Pop Rock Band composed of all young, talented, fresh Filipina Beauties -KARA, PRINCESS, JERI & GYAN. They represent “GIRL POWER!” ROUGE is a group of young ladies who embody the beauty, brain, and the heart of being a musician.

These young ladies rock! To say the least, they sing, play instruments, and harmonize all at the same time! They show their versatility by incorporating light rock songs with classical violin lines to add to the unique musicality of the group. With every performance, they treat the audience with their undoubted charm and skill. The band is composed of four young women who display remarkable musical excellence in both playing their instruments and singing. Apart from the individual roles that they play in the band, these women are also quite accomplished as individuals.

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